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Bagels on Park

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness must have never tried our premium,
hand-rolled boiled and baked organic bagels.

A Hole Day of Happiness

Nestled in the picturesque and quiet town of Weehawken, New Jersey, Bagels on Park is a woman-owned and family-run café.

We’re your daily fix of homemade, healthy, and nutritious items like bagels, sandwiches, desserts, salads, coffee, and tea.

For The Love of Coffee

Too many restaurants focus on making a profit and forget about offering high-quality food. Well, that’s precisely where Bagels on Park differs.

Being committed to providing you with the best, we ensure our suppliers ethically source coffee beans and they roast them in-house, helping us deliver the best cup of coffee to you.

It’s Bagel O’clock

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